TaylorMade Golf Balls

Do You Know What TaylorMade Golf Balls Are The Best?

It was in the year 1979 that a salesman of golf equipment with the name of Gary Adams with the help of a loan that he took which was of twenty four thousand dollars. This loan was taken on the base of his home and he was the one who became the founder of the iconic TaylorMade Golf Company. With the loan that he took the first thing that he did was, he took a six thousand building which was to be used for the operational manufacturing jobs. They were a total of three employees with an idea of manufacturing a twelve degree driver cast which was to be made up of stainless steel.

It was totally new concept, away from the normal concept of wooden wood, but what made it stand apart was its level of performance. Gary Adams was a son of a golfer, and he knew exactly what to do which would be truly appreciated by all the golfers. It was to have all the features that a golfer always perceives in his mind, especially when it comes to the golf clubs and their overall look as well as their unprecedented feel. They had one goal and that was to combine the authentic feel of golf as the game with the new and fresh concept of innovations. This helped all those who had followed TaylorMade Golf Company understand that the makers were not only counting on the profit making but were actually passionate about the game; this helped them in earning the loyalty of its customer.

After knowing about the history of the TaylorMade Golf Company, you sure would be excited to check the products that are offered by this company like the TaylorMade Driver, the TaylorMade Golf Balls and more, also for you here is a list of the types of the golf balls from which you can choose and decide what TaylorMade Golf Balls are the best?

  • Tour Preferred – These are the balls with the combination of look, feel, sound as well as the performance.
  • Project (a) – This is considered as the amateur golf ball designed especially for the amateur golfer which helps them in really performing well.
  • Burner – These are the golf balls which are designed for distance, also durability and a very soft greenside feel as well.
  • Noodle – If you love speed then you sure will love this make as it is designed especially keeping speed in mind with a very high speed core and also fast ball speed.