Srixon Golf Balls

Check Why Should You Buy Srixon Golf Balls

This brand that is Srixon was established in the year 1997 and is a portion of the Sumitomo Rubber Industries Limited company, who are the producers working in the line of producing various forms of Japanese equipment for the game of golf and that started since the 1930s, and has been now declared as the leading ball manufacturers especially after they released the Tour proven Z-Star and also the Z-Star XV, which are made up with the help of real good and smart technology.

Though Srixon has not been a very well-known brand, but off lately it has become one of the perfect choice, or the obvious choice especially for the amateurs and also for the professional golfers. There have been names such as the number one golf player Vijay Singh, the former U.S. Open Champion golfer Jym Furyk, as well as one who is new and fresh and very quickly rising the steps of popularity Ryo Ishikawa have been seen turning and rather trusting the amazing technology of the Srixon Golf Balls.

There is a wide variety of golf balls that are presented as well as appreciated by the golf players and golf lover, among the golf balls which are manufactured by the Srixon’s manufacturers. Apart from offering the golf balls to the premier candidates, there are also other categories of golf balls that this company provides for its buyers to choose from. So here is a comprehensive list of the types that are offered; now it is up to you to decide what Srixon Golf Balls are the best?

  • They have a fully comprehensive and higher in quality balls which are and can be matched with each and every kind of golfer.
  • Then there are golf balls designed by this company which are best suited for the beginners who are looking for golf balls which will cover a better distance and also forgiveness.
  • There are also golf balls designed especially for the women crowd as well as the senior golfers, as they would need golf balls that would need lower compression balls, that will help them in their slower swing speeds.

Also there is a new technology introduced by Srixon which is known as the E.G.G whose full form is Energetic Gradient Growth core Technology. This technology where the company follows a specially designed manufacturing process in which the stiffness of the core can be varied, which starts from the core which is soft and advances gradually getting stiffer as it reached the outer edge.